​​A conservatory roof has to cope with immense loadings from the weight of the glass, high winds and heavy snow. Routine cleaning and access to upstairs windows need to be a consideration.

At Classical Orangeries, we can also offer you a unique roofing system combining timber with metal. With this we are able to achieve greater strengths and spans incorporating double glazed units between fine glazing rafters. Advantages of a technically advanced roofing system are achieved without compromising on traditional detail, and therefore the slender appearance of the single glazed conservatories of the past is re-created.

Unique glazing bar systems are available in several styles depending on the conservatory structural requirements. Generally these consist of a structural aluminium core bar to support the glass, with a maintenance free powder coat capping to the exterior.

A small, dark or uninteresting area can be transformed by the introduction of a rooflight or lantern. A sense of space is achieved by the influx of light and the room enhanced by the addition of this architectural feature.

Rooflights and lanterns can be built to any size and shape and detailed internally in many different styles, whether it be contemporary or traditionalRooflights are generally positioned directly onto prepared upstand. Ventilation, if required, can be achieved by incorporating a traditional glazed roof vent. Lanterns are essentially a rooflight with a vertical glazed framework, and will usually have opening lights within the side for ventilation.

All of our glazed constructions are built with low emissivity double glazed units as standard. Generally, roof glazing is with double glazed laminated safety units with a 16mm cavity for maximum thermal efficiency – in the unlikely event of a roof unit being broken the bottom laminated sheet will remain intact and therefore replacement is not an emergency.

Alternatively tempered glass is used.
Side units can be made with varying cavity sizes depending on thermal performance and aesthetic requirements. Toughened safety glazing is fitted where necessary.

Options such as argon filling and solar control glazing are available. Records are kept indefinitely of most glass measurements so replacement units can be supplied without undue delay in the event of a breakage.​

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