Overview           Consultation           Installation


The process starts when you recognize the need to review and probably change the way your existing house works – and you then contact us for help.


Stage 1

We start with a thoughtful discussion on your needs and the physical arrangements within the existing property, offering advice as to the benefits of different design options, the relationship with outside spaces, and the choice of suitable materials to provide a unique and harmonious solution. We then focus on the agreed approach to avoid unexpected problems and expense. Working with our partners, where appropriate we prepare proper measured architectural drawings showing the agreed design in context.


Stage 2​

Once a design has been resolved, the next stage is to prepare a thorough, detailed and priced offer for delivering the fully-prepared components for the project to site, and completing the installation by our own skilled and experienced fitters.


Stage 3​

When an offer is accepted, we first of all develop a time schedule for the whole process so that you can make appropriate arrangements, and know when to expect the various trades on site. We take responsibility for preparing the initial sketch proposals, discussing and applying for planning and construction approvals, making engineering and heating calculations, and preparing a comprehensive set of large-scale detailed production drawings.


Stage 4

When the installation has been completed, we review the project with you, and provide guidance on maintenance and furnishing.