The authentic English Victorian Classical Orangeries greenhouses provide the perfect environment for the plant enthusiast to enjoy. With their beautiful traditional structure, Victorian period details and extreme functionality, almost any type of plant can be cultivated in beautiful surroundings.​ ​Read more

The golden age of orangery greenhouses

The golden age of fine, generally metal-framed greenhouses (historically cast and wrought iron) was Victorian England. The wealthy upper classes and aspiring middle-class botanists competed to create the most impressive and elaborate buildings. Celebrated examples include the pioneering Palm House at Kew Gardens built by Richard Turner, and the original Crystal Palace built for the Great Exhibition of 1851, designed by Joseph Paxton. They had been experimenting with iron structures for building larger greenhouses for a decade or more, culminating in these magnificent temples of glass.

Only a few companies in the world have managed to preserve this inheritance of making greenhouses for passionate plant-lovers that combine the best aspects of traditional Victorian design with rigorous engineering standards and complete functionality – maintenance-free and guaranteed for life – the perfect environment for nursing even the most fragile plants in ideal, controlled surroundings. We are proud to offer these magnificent greenhouses made in Hampshire, England to our European customers.

Everything starts from a passion for plants. All of our greenhouses are designed to supply the perfect environment for your plants, as well as offering great spaces for entertaining under glass …

Our European Collection offers a selected range of greenhouses.

The standard Greenhouse range offers sizes from approximately 8 to 30+ m2, with or without entrance lobbies. All the models can be equipped internally with benching, shelving, wiring etc. In addition, we offer an infinite range of bespoke, custom-made designs. During initial discussions, we can offer guidance on a wide range of related matters such as wall and floor construction and finishes, ventilation, watering systems, shading, benching, shelving, lights and other features that are vital to creating the complete Classical Orangeries Greenhouse. Whilst there is much talk about our changing climate, we suggest that you make yourself independent of the weather… enjoy a great escape after a busy day at work, surrounded by your beloved plants, perhaps listening to your favourite music.

Surprise your guests – enjoy nights under glass.