Архитектура и процесс           Визит нашего консультанта            ​The building process

Assembly of a conservatory or orangery insists on the participation of more competent people. It’s of fundamental importance that the high standard and the personal touch are transferred from design further to the production to a final conclusion on the project.

To get to the correct design and size that exactly matches your property and practical need, we arrange a project meeting with one of our designers who has an extensive experience in designs of different time periods and life style. If you wish an offer, one of our advisers will pay you a visit at your address and discuss all opportunities for designs of conservatories or orangeries, from basic construction-related necessities to the exclusive details. Other aspects will be safety, sun screening etc.. You will receive a design after these proposals carried out in a watercolour drawing and an offer that covers those outputs.

An experienced constructor wants to go selected for your project and will make complete discussion and discussion of the project at your address. An overall drawing project will be drawn up, where all construction-related and aesthetic details has been taken into consideration. Heat, electric wires, neighbouring doors, floor finish and finally finish paint will also be discussed. To estimate prices on the mentioned follow-works can be led on demand.

Classical Orangeries can offer the execution of professional contracts or as a complete contract. This ensures you that your new annex is carried out so that there are a uniformity and harmonisation between the existing and the new.

Our conservatories and orangeries are all pre-gathered at our factory in England immediate before shipping. In overall condition they are quality controlled. This procedure secures a flawless construction and reduces assembly time at the construction site in last end. Our customers are always welcome to visit the factory and see your conservatory or orangery at this point.

The assembling of the conservatory or the orangery will be done by one of our assembly teams, and all building works are coordinated by our project leader to the individual task.