Processus           Consulting visit           The building process

Classical Orangeries’s own consultants and architects possess a considerable knowledge and experience that guarantees the customer the most optimal conditions before the final decision about the performance of the ultimate architecture in glass and stone is made.​

​Classical Orangeries offers consulting in:​

  • Location and connection of annex
  • Architectural style
  • Building licence
  • Observance of any valid building codes
  • Co-ordination of other professional contracts
  • Timetable preparation
  • Heat loss calculations

​The first consultant visit where, your wishes and prospects are discussed, is free of charge. If there is a wish for a drawn up of a true architectural drawing, carried out measurably and ended with a beautiful watercolour drawing, it can be done for the symbolic sum of Euro € 3.500,- excl. local tax.

When you have an architect design, it is possible to see the details on a watercolour drawing. There will often be a drawing showing a plan and plan levels.

On the basis of these architectural drawings it will be possible to point out a budget able to quote an estimate for the suggested project.

There is the possibility to make possibly adjustments and other changes from a more exact discussion of the final design.