​​We all appreciate a little time to ourselves and what better place for reflection or to enjoy a good book than a quit pavilion. You don’t need a great deal of space to create an area that will evoke a sense of calm and relaxation.A vast number of design- and production experiences have led to a completely fantastic series of garden pavilions in a very high quality. Read more


We design, produce and deliver beautiful garden pavilions with maximum care from traditional classical English designs’. The majority of our products are handmade according to craftsman traditions, for the safeguarding of the optimal finish.

Furthermore we use, where it’s necessary, also technological processes for the obtaining of long life.

​On this part of our homepage you will be able to see the beautiful details on our garden pavilion’s solutions. Whether the pavilion is to be used privately, for work or just clean relaxation, we have a solution that will be able to match specifically your need. We can also design your exact need

​If you have wishes of additional information on some of our garden pavilions or solutions, you are very welcome to contact us.